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Education Center - Introductory - Topics in Plant Pathology - Overview of Plant Defenses Brian C. Freeman and Gwyn A. BeattieIowa State University Freeman, B.C. and G.A. Beattie. An Overview of Plant Defenses against Pathogens and Herbivores. The Plant Health Instructor. DOI: /PHI-I Introduction Plants represent a rich source of nutrients for .

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Jun 08,  · Philodendrons (Philodendron spp.) are beautiful foliage plants, some growing as vines and others upright. Learn how to keep them looking their best. > button button The Spruce. Dieffenbachia (Dumb Cane): Plant Care & Growing Guide. How to Grow and Care for Fiddle-Leaf Fig. Done With Fussy Houseplants? Grow the Peperomia.