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Aug 08,  · While he supplied a needed spark in Game 3 of the Celtics series, scoring eight points in rapid succession, more than one NBA analyst noted that he looked gassed. And in Game 4, he played

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2 days ago · Bontemps: I'll say the Cavaliers finish in the top 10 in the NBA in offense and defense, for the reasons I cited above. It's been 30 years since Cleveland won a playoff series without LeBron James. Recapping the NBA Finals. Top Showdowns: Carmelo vs. LeBron. NBA Vault: Allen Iverson and Vince Carter's NBA Playoffs Duel. Best Games: Duncan Battles Dirk. Jul 29,  · Wade was the same, it was only because of his knees exploding that he took a step back in and forward, he was getting knees drained mid playoffs, he was averaging 15 in the playoffs, he could barely get by boris diaw in the finals, tho he was like top 5 for mvp with lebron. AD was damn near fmvp and then injuries.