Neo-English dictionary

Neo-English dictionary

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Neo-English dictionary

a to, towards, at

ab from, beginning with

abad; —in; —aro abbot; abbess; abbey

abal; —i bark, —ing: to bark

abandon; —i; —at abandon, —ment; to —; —ed

abatema, —o dejection, lowness of spirits

abati; —o, —azo to cut down, to fell; felling, cutting down

abax abacus (arch.)

abces abscess

abdici; —o to cancel; cancellation

abdik, —i to abdicate, —ation

abdomen, —a abdomen, —minal

abergo; —a, —ifa aberration; —errant

abila, —eso able, ability

abilyo; —yi dress; to – up

abim; —i, —azo abyss; to waste, —ing

abis, —a abyss, —al

abit; —i; —er habitation; to live, todwell; inhabitant

abitui; —uo to habituate, to accustom; habit, custom

abjekta; —o; —eso abject; —ion

abjur; —i abjuration; to —ure

abla; —o, —eso able; ability

ablut ablution

abnego; —i abnegation; to devote, to sacrifice oneself

abnun from now on

abol, —i abolition; to abolish

abomin; —i, —a, —enda abomination; to —inate; —inable

abon; —i; —at, —un subscription; to subscribe; —er

abond-korno cornucopia

abondi, —o to abound; abundance

abord, —i approach; to —

abori to abhor, to execrate

aborigena aboriginal

abort; —i; —ifa abortion, to abort; —ive

abrev, —azo; —i abbreviation; to abridge

abrigo, —i shelter, to —

abrupta abrupt

absenso, —enta absence; —ent

absentismo absenteeism

absint absinth

absola, —e absolute, —ly

absolto; —i (eccles.) absolution; to ab solve

absolvi; —o to acquit; —ttal

absten; —i abstention; to abstain

abstraka; —o abstract; —ion

absurda; —eso absurd; —ity

abuzo; —i misuse, abuse; to abuse

abyo fir tree

acendi; —il to light; —er

acerba; —eso sour, bitter; acerbity, bitterness

aceta; —tato acetic; —etate

aceto; —el vinegar; — sauce, vinaigrette

aceton acetone

acida; —eso acid; —ity

adadmener deputy-manager, deputy-administrator

adadsekrer deputy-subsecretary

adapti; —o, —azo to adapt; —ation

adaqi to land on water

adderker deputy-director, deputy-manager

adeditor assistant editor

adenoid adenoid

adenom adenoma

adeo; —i farewell; to say —

adepto, —in adept m, f

adeqa; —e adequate; —ly

ader; —in assistant m, f

adergi; —o; —a, —un to adhere; —ence; —ent

adi; —o to add; —ition

adim; —i; —a, —at magnet; to —ize; —ized

adis; —i addition; to add up

adjeneral lieutenant-general

adkolnel lieutenant-colonel

adlaga adjacent

adlinguo auxiliary language, Inter national Language

admen administration, management

admeni; —er to direct, to manage; director: manager

admilitara paramilitary

administri; —azo to manage, —ment, to administer, —tration

admiti; —o to admit, —ission

adol; —a, —un adolescence; —ent a, m; adolin f

adopti; —o; —a to adopt; —ion; —ive

adoro; —i; —er; —in adoration; to adore; —er m, f

adres; —i address; to —

adroy viceroy; adroin vice-reine

adsa; —o; —i present; presence, by standers, audience; to attend, to witness

adsekrer assistant secretary, deputy secretary

adstata paranational

adul, —azo; —i; —er adulation; to —late; —lator

adulta; —un, —in; —o adult a, n, f; — age

adulteryo; —ya  adultery; —rous; —eryin adulteress

adverb; —a adverb; —ial

adversa; —er; —i adverse; —ary; to oppose

adverso; —ado adversity; annoyance

aer; —a air; air-, aerial

aerplan airplane, aeroplane

afar affair; business

afaroner fuss-pot

afasa; —sio aphasic; —sia

afekto; —a; —i affection; —ate; to like, to love

afina; —eso similar, affined; affinity

afish; —i placard; to —, to show ostenta tion

afligo; —i affliction; to afflict

afluo; —ui affluence; to flow, flow in

afona; —nio aphonic; —onia

afranki; —o, —azo to emancipate. —ation; to manumit, —mission; (o letter) to stamp, —ing

afresko fresco

Afrik; —a Africa, —an

afril scarecrow

afro; —i; —a; —ifa fright; to —en; —ful; terrifying

afront; —i slight; to —; affront, insult

afto (med.) aphtha; — febro foot-and-mouth disease

agasi; —o to irritate, —ation; to vex

agent; —ur agent; agency

agi; —o to act; —ion

agila; —eso agile; —ility